Since it was reported that all five crew members of the OceanGate Titan submarine were killed in an implosion, many people have pondered what such an event might be like.

TikTok users have developed their own simulations and examples of what the implosion was like, for better or worse.

The movies provide a grim look into what occurred at the ocean’s floor for those who are curious.

All the films agree that any passengers on board at the moment of the implosion would certainly perish before they even realized what was occurring.

Those who lost loved ones on board the Titan submersible may find solace in the fact that it is likely that they did not suffer.

In one video posted to Twitter by @starfieldstudio, the redesigned OceanGate submersible is seen sinking before it begins to collapse inward, like a can of Coke.


Remembering what NBC News’ Armin Cate said about what happened next: “From my understanding, the submersible imploded. In other words, the force of the water was so strong that it blew the back and the front of the submersible off.

“When you crush that tube in the middle it’s like crushing a can of Coca-Cola you might say.”

One line from the movie reads, “The hull would immediately heat the air in the sub to around the surface of the sun’s temperature, as a wall of metal and seawater smashed one end of the boat to the other, all in around 30 milliseconds.”

“So this is essentially what happens when a submarine implodes,” the maker of another video by @sincerelybootz explains. “It’s very instantaneous as far as death when it comes to any lives that may be onboard.”

OceanGate’s CEO Stockton Rush, who was killed during the dive, allegedly disregarded or dismissed warnings about the submersible’s safety in the past.

Rob McCallum, an expert on the deep sea, has revealed his correspondence with Stockton via email. In one, he says, “I think you are potentially placing yourself and your clients in a dangerous dynamic. In your race to [the] Titanic you are mirroring that famous catch cry: ‘She is unsinkable.’”

He added, “I implore you to take every care in your testing and sea trials and to be very, very conservative.”

Stockton replied, “We have heard the baseless cries of ‘you are going to kill someone’ way too often. I take this as a serious personal insult.”

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