Garth Brooks made the awful decision to not only endorse Bud Light, but to call the majority of Americans “assholes.” Last night, karma paid him back.

The Grand Opening Celebration of his new bar in downtown Nashville, Friends In Low Places, was a complete flop.


“It’s not that it wasn’t well-organized or under-advertised,” said bar manager Joe Barron, “It’s that Garth had to come out and say what he did a week before our big night.”

Barron says he quit the bar after midnight came and the customer count reached “just over a dozen.” ‘I was livid, he said, “I spent like $300 on a white hat to match his feel-good attitude. Now I’m looking for work again.”

Brooks says he hopes things go better when the bar is actually completed and he runs a grand opening outside of the echo chamber. “Have you been paying attention?” he asked, ” Fox just ran a story about how Bud Light is a ruined brand. Because there’s a slight chance it might not be the best-selling beer in America. So…is the current number two also a ruined brand?”

Brooks is, of course, just spouting liberal nonsense like logic and reason at a time when America wants hate and Kid Rock. Shoot some damn cans, Garth! Get with the program!

The whole thing is really silly, patriots, but it pays the mortgage. God Bless America.

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