It can be tough to imagine that things could ever be wonderful again when life breaks apart. However, despite all that pain, light seems to find a way to shine through.

Courtney Hill experienced that when her husband Bryan was abruptly taken away from her and her family.

Bryan served in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan as a career soldier in the US Army. He put himself in many risky situations throughout the years, yet he always escaped unscathed.

Bryan and Courtney anticipated a more carefree and joyful future once Bryan left the Army.

But they were unaware that danger was waiting just around the corner.



Bryan was tragically killed in an automobile accident in February 2016. In addition to losing her adored husband, Courtney had to say goodbye to Reagan’s great-father.

Courtney quickly became entirely preoccupied with getting ready for the wake. Amid everything, she received unexpected news: she was expecting a child.

Courtney held Bryan during the wake, and she said, “Sweetheart, you’re going to be a dad again.”



As the months went by, Courtney managed to get over her grief. She made every effort to adjust to a new way of life.

Unfortunately, things got complicated when Courtney developed significant stomach pain. She visited her doctor out of concern for a miscarriage.



At that point, Courtney received additional information that completely upended her world.

The physicians could make out two boys and one girl in the ultrasound!

“My jaw fell open. But having three more smiles that make me think of him made me happy,” she told CBS Chicago.



Having triplets has a lot of hazards, and when Courtney had another scan, she learned some terrible news.

Brady, one of the infants, was left without a heartbeat.

Miles and Harper, the other two infants, were both born healthy.

Reagan, Miles, and Harper are Courtney’s pride and joy, along with her daughter. Because she knows Bryan’s pride in his children, she looks forward to raising her children.

Usually, when asked, Courtney denies that Miles and Harper are twins.



She triumphantly declares, “I call them surviving triplets.”

Of course, Courtney misses her husband and her miscarried child, but she draws courage from her work as a mother.

Bryan was a courageous, powerful, and loving man. She enjoys every moment with her kids because their father cannot watch them grow up.



Courtney has learned to enjoy daily with her little darlings since she has seen firsthand how sheer happiness can be.

Although her family hasn’t had it easy, Courtney is optimistic about the future because of the help she’s received from friends and family.

Their trip demonstrates that living each moment fully is more important than living a long life.

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