Dolly Parton appears to have no intention of stopping her work anytime soon, revealing that she hopes to keep performing until she drops dead!

The 77-year-old country music icon has been singing and performing since she was young, but her career really took off in the 1960s.

Throughout her 60-plus years in the spotlight she has achieved numerous accolades – including 12 Grammy Awards, two Oscar nominations, 13 Academy of Country Music Awards, and a recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Dolly Parton (pictured in London in June) is one of the most well-known signers of our time, launching her career during the 1960s. Credit / Gareth Cattermole / Getty.

During a recent interview with the Greatest Hits Radio show, Parton spoke about how sustaining a successful career depends on how responsible you are, telling host Ken Bruce: “I always believe that if you’ve wanted your dreams to come true and you are lucky enough to have that happen, then you’ve got to be responsible because you gotta keep the dream alive.”

The Jolene singer also joked about when she might hang up the microphone and take a step back from the spotlight, saying: “I’ll just hopefully drop dead in the middle of a song onstage someday.” Parton did, however, acknowledge that her ability to work and her health, as well as her husband’s well-being, are the only things that might cause her to retire earlier than she wants.

Elsewhere in the interview Parton also shared her future aspirations, revealing that she has “new dreams” every day – including her desire to have her own network TV show where she can explore new ventures and produce content.

Parton (pictured in 1978) has huge career aspirations, and is certainly not going to slow down anytime soon! Credit / Harry Langdon / Getty.

She also mentioned her plans for a series called The Life of Many Colors, in which she would delve into unseen aspects of her life, her origins, and the adventures she has experienced. If this didn’t seem like enough, the 9 to 5 actress also expressed her interest in expanding her TV hosting roles and further developing her lifestyle brand.

Expanding her lifestyle brand would include creating her own line of makeup, wigs, and clothing, with Parton explaining: “So those things all come under that ‘branding’ which we’re doing so much of now.”

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