Something stands out about distant grandparents and infants wouldn’t you say? You would rather not miss this unimaginably valuable second as an extraordinary, incredible, granddad meets a child young lady days before he dies.

Don’t you think there’s something wonderful about great grandparents and babies? You don’t want to miss this incredible moment when a great, great grandfather sees a baby girl only days before he dies.

In this video, the family who recently had a newborn girl called Cadance gets to meet and be held by her great, granddad. This movie encapsulates our life path in a matter of seconds–as one individual is on the verge of departing this planet, while another has her entire life ahead of her.

Cadance’s parents wanted her to get to know her beloved great, great grandfather since they knew his time on this world was limited and they wanted to film a movie for her to cherish in the future. Her parents remarked under the video that he had finally awoken after sleeping for quite some time. They added that this is the first time she has met him. He awoke and motioned for her to join him. It was priceless. They might not have him for long, therefore they want her to have something to remember him by.

And this video is just priceless, as she lays in his arms and gazes up in awe at her great, great grandfather. Indeed, the video is so endearing that it has received over 17 million views! Hearts melted as watchers raved online, with one commenter writing, “Heart melting moment.” “I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.” “That is very wonderful, two angels meeting on earth before one goes back to GOD,” another viewer said. “What a gorgeous,” said another. “Everything comes to an end with a fresh beginning.”

This wonderful great grandfather walked across the barrier and into Jesus’ arms not long after this was written. We are grateful for the time he spent with Cadance, and we hope she enjoys this film as much as we do.
Watch the special sweet video and share this priceless moment with your loved ones.

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