No wonder babies with Down syndrome are often called “sunny”. After all, these children are distinguished by such qualities as kindness, incredible responsiveness, sincere cheerfulness and philanthropy. But, of course, having learned about such a pathology in their unborn babies, many parents experience a real shock. They need time to accept the situation as it is and become truly happy.

So 45-year-old J. McConnell, when she found out that both of her future twins would be with a genetic pathology, was horrified. Her first thought was to give the boys up for adoption. But she found the strength to cope with this difficult situation. And, looking ahead, we can say for sure that mom did not regret it! Julie and her husband, Dan, planned the pregnancy consciously and knew about the possible risks of conceiving and bearing a baby

Before planning a pregnancy, the McConnell couple was warned about the possible risks of pathologies associated with the age of the parents. The McConnell couple admit that the day when the future babies were diagnosed was the worst in their lives, and the subsequent months of waiting for their birth were unbearably painful and painful.

Julie and Dan immediately could not even imagine how they would raise children with unusual needs, and this frightened them greatly. But, after talking with couples who already had a similar experience, and having received certain information, it became easier for them to accept the current situation.

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