Every anniversary is a reason to celebrate for couples, but one California couple had the entire town toasting their 86th year of marriage.

Ralph Kohler, 104, and Dorothy Kohler, 103, will surpass a milestone and become America’s longest-living married couple on September 16, 2021.

Last year, Congress marked Ralph and Dorothy’s anniversary by awarding them. This year, their family will mark the occasion with decorations and food.

The couple’s neighborhood also joined in the celebration, giving them messages of thanks and presents like cakes and chocolates. Ralph and Dorothy are role models for many lovers, according to people who know their tale.

Ralph had nothing but praise for his wife when he reflected on the decades they had spent together. In an interview, he revealed his belief about the key to a long-lasting marriage.

“Togetherness,” he added, elaborating on how they each loved separate interests yet encouraged each other in their pursuits. Ralph continued that love for one thing, and they both enjoyed it. If they didn’t, they just accepted it. Dorothy enjoys ballroom dancing, whereas he enjoys shooting clay targets. He joined her in ballroom dancing, and she in trap shooting.

Their mutual understanding and encouragement enabled them to excel in cross-country events, winning hundreds of prizes for various activities.

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