Denzel Washington recently revealed that he turned down a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which would have earned him over $30 million, because he did not want to participate in what he perceived as a “woke” storyline.

According to Washington, he was offered the role of a major character who would have been revealed as secretly gay, a concept that did not interest him.

While Washington did not reveal which character he was offered, experts at Marvel have narrowed it down to Thanos or Groot, although they have stated that it was not either of those characters. Marvel has had a plethora of superheroes over the years, so it is impossible to say which character it could have been. Some fans have even speculated about the possibility of a romantic relationship between Agent Carter and Black Widow.Washington has made it clear that he has no interest in participating in what he considers to be “woke” storylines. He believes that his talents are better suited to films that have the potential to win awards, such as his acclaimed performance in “Remember the Titans.”

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