Kid Rock is standing up for his friend. Jason Aldean and Kid Rock have been friends for years, very close friends. And now with CMT deciding to go woke, Kid Rock has walked away from his show and the channel completely. The relationship was one that was profitable for CMT seeing as Kid Rock is a huge country star.

The whole thing started over CMT pulling Jason Aldean’s latest mega hit song “Try That In A Small Town”, a song about American values and being able to stand up for yourself. CMT pulled it after backlash from woke liberals calling it racist and saying there were dog whistles to things related to racism. More cancel culture from the left!

CMT saw what happened when Kid Rock got mad at Bud Light. Why would they risk it? CMT was the place to go for good country music targeted for patriotic Americans and now it’s woke. It’s sad. CMT director of programming Joseph Barron said “We’re giving the audience what they want. Not everyone is into sister love and cow tipping”.

Kid Rock’s show made CMT $15 million an episode. Full of shooting guns at beer cans, pick up trucks, tips on how to seduce close family members, how to make clean cuts on catalytic converters, how to make cheap meth and also tips for the girls on the least stinky truckers at the local Flying J. People will be sad to see it go.

In any case, let’s hope CMT learned their lesson. Kid Rock is a commodity to have, if your target audience is a bunch of toothless hillbillies with pick up trucks who dare relatives and have thousands of dollars in back child support. God bless America.

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