It’s always exciting news when a dog gets adopted, but one shelter dog really hit the jackpot after being adopted by one of the most famous celebrities in the world.

The Labelle Foundation, an animal rescue nonprofit based in Los Angeles, announced yesterday that one of their puppies, who they named “Rover,” had been adopted into his “fur-ever family.”

His new owner just happens to be one of the most famous musicians (and animal rights advocates) of all time: Sir Paul McCartney!

Photos shared by the shelter show the 81-year-old Beatles icon and his wife Nancy Shevell holding their new pup. The Labelle Foundation thanked the couple “for opening up your home and supporting animal rescue.”

The caption says that they’ve renamed the dog “Jet.” Decades ago Paul owned another dog named Jet, who inspired the hit Wings song of the same name.

It’s always nice to see celebrities setting a good example by adopting from shelters, but it’s not surprising given Paul’s decades of animal rights activism. He has been a vegetarian since the 1970s, and has been an advocate for animal welfare and critic of slaughterhouses and the meat industry.

His late wife Linda was also an animal advocate throughout her life, and their daughter Stella McCartney is a prominent fashion designer who uses ethical and animal-free materials in her designs.

Over the years Paul has also owned many pets, some of whom will be familiar to fans of his music.

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