Princess Diana was both famous and well-loved by the British public in general.

When she married Prince Charles, she became an icon of her time, enjoying the adulation of a nation who were well behind her strong humanitarian values.

She worked tirelessly with charities to improve the lives of others, becoming a beacon of compassion within the royal family.


In addition, she spearheaded the march toward breaking the stigma against such diseases as AIDS and HIV. All in all, she was a princess of the people.

But on top of that, she was also a mom.

Princess Diana spent as much time as possible around her two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry. Even today, decades after her death, the princes often talk in interviews about how much Diana continues to inspire them in life.

Princess Diana With Wet Hair Having Been Soaked By Heavy Rain At An Outdoor Pavarotti Concert In Hyde Park. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Of course, they’re not the only ones who talk fondly of Lady Di. Lady Kitty Spencer was just six-years-old when Princess Diana, her auntie, died in a car crash in 1997.

According to some people, Lady Kitty Spencer — who is the daughter of Diana’s younger brother — bears a striking physical similarity to Diana.

Kitty is the eldest of the siblings in her family. Her father, Earl Charles Spencer, is the younger brother of Princess Diana, who of course passed away after a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Kitty, who will turn 33 in December this year, is a cousin to Prince Harry and it looks like the two have a pretty strong bond. According to Hello Magazine, Kitty was on the invited list when Harry tied the knot with Meghan Markle in 2018. In 2011, she made an appearance as a guest at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Kitty was born in Great Britain but moved to South Africa in 1995. Her English noble family decided to escape from the British tabloid press so that they could live life in peace, away from the cameras.

Kitty grew up out of the public eye in Cape Town, South Africa, where she studied at Reddam House, a private school with a close-knit atmosphere.

”I think a South African childhood definitely gives you just wonderful foundations for life so I’m very grateful that my mother decided to raise me there,” she told The West in 2017.

In 1997, Kitty’s parents divorced, and she and her three younger siblings had to split their time between South Africa and the UK, where Kitty’s dad moved after the breakup.

Over the years, Kitty has studied politics, literature, psychology, and art history at different universities. She is a very educated woman who has always had close ties with the fashion industry.

Her career as a model started when she was just one year old. Back in 1992, Kitty appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK, and since then, she’s been involved in the industry and a regular fixture at Fashion Week.
Diana’s niece has modeled for several luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana and BVLGARI. She is a very educated woman who has always had close ties with the fashion industry. Now though, Kitty is embracing the limelight.

She currently works as a model!

But the high society model isn’t just enjoying a successful career – Kitty has also been lucky to find a man she loves.  In 2020, Kitty got engaged to her 61-year-old fashion tycoon boyfriend, Michael Lewis.

Michael, a South African-British multimillionaire businessman, has three children from a previous marriage. In 2021, the couple tied the knot during a secret and special ceremony, held in Rome.

Kitty wore a stunning wedding dress designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

”It was all very natural and authentic. Lady Kitty Spencer described to us her dream dress, and we have tried to interpret her wishes; We worked together!,” Domenico Dolce told Tatler.

But regardless of what is going on in her private life, Kitty will always be associated with the British royal family. People are, of course, interested in her relationship with cousins Harry and William. Some also want to know what she thinks of her aunt Diana, especially since they have many similarities.

Just as with Princess Diana, Lady Kitty has worked with several charities and is an ambassador for an organization that helps homeless youths.

We know, the likeness is uncanny.

Back in 2007, she made her first significant public appearance while accompanying William and Harry at a memorial ceremony in Princess Diana’s honor. At that time it had been ten years since Diana’s death.

Kitty was just six when Diana was killed but still remembers her aunt.

“I was so young when she died. There are only a few memories, but special and happy memories, and I’m so lucky to have those,” she said in the past, as per the Daily Mail.

But in general, Kitty usually declines to answer any questions about her cousins. But she knows that she’s being compared to Princess Diana – even though she prefers not to make a bit thing out of it.

“I don’t read articles about myself, whether they are positive or negative … I don’t even look at the pictures. I don’t have Google alerts or anything like that and I obviously then don’t read any comments under any articles. I just don’t believe in entertaining any sort of negative energy in that way; I know it’s not good for the mind,” she says.


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