8 Things Men Only Do When They Want To Spend The Rest Of Their Life With You
1. He’d instead resolve issues, not run away

When a man wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he will resolve issues than run away.

He would ensure you both are on good terms because he doesn’t want to lose you.

Also, he won’t be in a rush to end your relationship over an argument.

2. He always wants to be with you

Another sign is that he misses you more than before. He would always want you around. And would change plans for a chance to spend more time with you alone.

3. You are the only thing he sees

A man that plans to spend his life with you sees only you.

He’s not interested in other women.

They don’t exist to him.

4. He lets you know he has your back

When a guy wants to have a long-term relationship with you, your problems become his.

He would make you feel comfortable talking about your dreams and fears.

And he would not hesitate to help you, as your problems are now “our problems.”

Also, if his friends or family try to bash you, he will always have your back.

5. He discusses long-term plans with you

If your guy discusses long-term plans with you, it’s a sign he wants to settle down with you.

Even if he had planned stuff before you came along, he would include you in it.

You’d have conversations about your careers, where you plan to buy a house, etc.

6. He’s very comfortable with you

When your boyfriend gets more comfortable and vulnerable with you, it’s a sign he wants his future to have you.

Additionally, he’s not bored spending time with you.

7. He holds you more

When he wants to have serious relationship with you, he will touch or hold you more.

He makes you feel like you are his.

And there will be lots of hugging, kisses, hand-holding and other forms of intimacy.

8. You become his top priority

A guy that wants to spend his life with you makes you his top priority.

You would see in his actions how important you are to him.

He wouldn’t care about the outside noise.

All he wants to do is make sure you are okay and safe.

In essence, he puts you first.

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