After a successful and lengthy run spanning two decades, the well-known television program starring Dr. Phil McGraw is coming to an end. Following the signing of his most recent five-year contract with CBS Media Ventures, Dr. Phil declared in 2018 that the program would formally stop after the 2022–2023 season when it will enter its twenty-first year on television.

Dr. Phil expressed his thanks for his 25 years of daytime television success, mentioning the millions of viewers and tens of thousands of visitors he has assisted with problems like mental health, addiction, and marriage counseling. He claimed that despite stepping away from the daytime spotlight, he still has certain career aspirations.

For the 2023–24 season, CBS Media Ventures has given networks the option of showing previously recorded episodes, allowing fans to keep experiencing Dr. Phil’s ageless counsel and advice. Over the past two decades, his important work has impacted many lives and will do so long beyond his final episode.

In order to increase his audience and viewership, Dr. Phil McGraw intends to share information about a large primetime project. Given that McGraw stated a wish to inculcate more purpose and core values in Americans, this ambitious effort is scheduled to begin the next year.

The television personality has been focused on creating scripts for scripted projects and hosting two podcasts, Mystery & Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil and Phil in the Blanks, according to a CBS representative.

This project comes after a period of intense introspection during which McGraw struggled to comprehend how families in America were faring under these trying circumstances. He sees this as a chance to interact with people positively on a much wider scale, giving him the chance to entertain them in a meaningful way while also inspiring them with important ideals through his concerts and podcasts.

McGraw is working tirelessly to make sure his idea is a success when it debuts the following year with this goal in mind. He has already started laying the framework for this process by creating intriguing content for his podcast series and scripted shows that he hopes will appeal to viewers.

Even though there are many unanswered questions, it is obvious that McGraw is dedicated to using his new effort to have a positive influence on those who watch or listen to him.

When Dr. Phil McGraw routinely appeared as a guest expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the 1990s, his television career took off. Since the late 2002 debut of his program, he has hosted more than 4,000 episodes with more than 20,000 guests and has accumulated more than 5 million letters from viewers.

With an estimated 2 million viewers tuning in each episode on average, Dr. Phil is currently the second most viewed talk show, behind only Live with Kelly and Ryan, according to Variety’s estimates.

Steve LoCascio of CBS Media Ventures responded to McGraw’s decision to discontinue his show after 21 years of popularity by saying, “Phil is a treasured partner and member of the CBS/King World family, and while his show may be ending after 21 years, I’m delighted to announce our connection will continue.”

As the creator and host of one of the most popular talk show on daytime television, Phil changed the routine that so many viewers have come to enjoy. “We plan to keep working with the library on the Dr. Phil project for many years to come, and we welcome additional chances to collaborate.”

This is yet another classic daytime talk show finale, joining The Wendy Williams Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr. Oz, and The Real in signaling a departure from the formula of shows that has delighted viewers for decades.

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