In a powerful letter that has resonated with thousands, retired teacher Lisa Roberson fearlessly expressed her views on the state of public school classrooms today. Her deep experience in the education system gave weight to her words as she called out what she believed to be the true problem behind failing students: parents.

Lisa began her letter by expressing her frustration with those who have no recent classroom experience attempting to fix the education system. She firmly stated that teachers are not the problem; the real issue lies with parents. According to her, parents are failing to instill essential values like manners, respect, and general knowledge of social interactions in their children.

The retired teacher highlighted the stark contrast between students’ extravagant possessions, such as expensive shoes, and their lack of basic school supplies like pencils and paper. Lisa pointed out that many teachers end up providing these supplies out of their own pockets, further illustrating the lack of responsibility from parents.

She posed a series of hard-hitting questions for parents to ponder. Do parents actively engage in school events? Do they regularly communicate with teachers? Do they ensure their children are prepared with the necessary supplies and complete their homework? Do they take an interest in their child’s education by being available with working phone numbers? Do the students pay attention in class or create disruptions?

Lisa asserted that the responsibility for a child’s success cannot solely rest on the shoulders of teachers. Parents play a crucial role in their child’s development and education. Certain foundational aspects like manners, respect, and responsibility should be taught at home before a child even enters the school system.

While some may find Lisa’s words uncomfortable or difficult to accept, she emphasized that parents must take a proactive role in their child’s education. Teachers can reinforce certain values, but parents must lead the way in instilling them in their children.

Ultimately, Lisa’s message is a call for self-reflection and responsibility. If a child is struggling academically or behaviorally, parents should first examine their own role in the child’s life and education before placing blame on external factors. After all, parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers.

The letter serves as a poignant reminder that education is a partnership between parents and teachers. By working together and fulfilling their respective roles, parents and teachers can create a nurturing and enriching environment for students, enabling them to thrive both academically and personally.

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