“The Daily Show” correspondent-turned-guest host Desi Lydic may detest most of what Tucker Carlson says, but on Tuesday night, she argued that there is one slur he’s allowed to use: the C-word.

Of course, that’s only “because he is one.”

On Monday, Fox News announced they had split with the controversial “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host, saying in a statement, “We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.” No official reason for the firing has been revealed, and Carlson himself apparently wasn’t even told.

But a new report from The Daily Beast says that Carlson’s repeated use of the C-word “was a key factor in his demise.” During Tuesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Lydic pulled up footage of Abby Grossberg, a former producer for Carlson’s show who is suing the network, in which she made the same assertion, saying she heard the “C-word all the time.”

“They used the C-word … all the time? Like, how do you use the C-word at the office all the time?” Lydic marveled. “‘Oh, Susan’s taking lunch orders? Uh, tell that c— I’ll just have a c— salad, hold the c—. You know what, do you want to share a c—?’”

That said, Lydic argued that Carlson at least has an excuse to use the C-word, that spares him from criticisms.

“But you know what? It’s OK,” Lydic said. “Tucker’s allowed to say the C-word, because he is one.”

You can watch the full “Daily Show” segment in the video above.

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