Cindy was unable to just overlook one sibling’s behavior toward a boy, but she was unprepared for the uproar that the message provoked.
We instill good manners and encourage our children to be compassionate toward other people. Then, as we send them out into the world, it is our goal that the lessons they received at home will remain with them throughout their lives.

Thanks to a message from the school bus driver, one family in New Jersey learned how their children were acting. The internet went absolutely crazy over what she had to say.

Since she was over 20 years old, Cindy Clausen has been working as a bus driver for the Princeton school system. Throughout her employment, she has, as a natural consequence, provided transportation for a significant number of young passengers.

Clausen was particularly interested in a few of the students, but her attention was drawn to a larger group.

Annaliese and Jorge, who are siblings, used to take her bus to school every day. On the bus, they became friendly with another kid named Jaxson, who had difficulty walking due to a physical issue. Clausen took note of the way in which they interacted with the kid, and she decided that she needed to inform their parents about what she had seen.

If a parent were to unpack their kid’s bag and find a letter from their child’s school, it may be an indication that there was some misbehavior on the part of their child. On the other hand, things were different in this instance.

In the beginning of the letter that Clausen had typed out for Annaliese and Jorge’s parents, he had written:

“I feel obliged to write to tell you how lovely your children are on the inside and out! This can only come from the home, via your patience and guidance, the examples that you set, and the lessons that you teach.”

If those words weren’t precious enough on their own, Clausen continued by describing the bus journeys in more detail.
She went on to explain:
“Jaxson is the name of a child that comes to school via my bus. Both of your children have shown a great deal of sympathy and support for him. Your children ask on a daily basis as to whether or not they may sit with Jaxson.

In the letter, Clausen continues:

“When Jaxson gets on the bus, he may be a bit down on himself, but as soon as he sees Annaliese and Jorge, he breaks out into a grin. Due to the fact that Jaxson has trouble walking, it takes him some time to make it to his seat.

Watch the video that we’ve provided below to learn more about this inspiring story!

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