The fact that sibling love is so incredibly unconditional may be what makes it so beautiful.

As brothers and sisters, we frequently argue, slander one another, provoke rage in one another, etc. However, in the end, your siblings are the ones who will always be at your side.

I myself am fortunate to have both sisters and brothers, and each of them and I have a really special relationship.


Simply put, regardless of my mood or the degree of our current amity, there is nothing I would not do to assist them if they needed me.


That’s perhaps why this specific story connected with me on a deep level. It is about Chris Garafola, a Vermont native, and Brittany, Brittany’s older sister, who has Down syndrome.

It goes without saying that as they matured into adulthood, their friendship only grew stronger. As a result, when Chris met Tatiana, the love of his life, and later proposed to her, he knew that Brittany would undoubtedly play a significant role in their wedding.

Tatiana and Chris agreed that they should wait to get married until Brittany could be present to witness their nuptials. Brittany’s immune system was weak because of her illness, so she had to obtain her COVID-19 shot before she could go to any social events with other people.

Brittany received her vaccination in February 2021, allowing Chris and Tatiana to start planning their wedding.

Chris, a male model, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in late March of the same year in which Tatiana could be seen speaking with Brittany on FaceTime.

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