Made in spite of the protests of all his friends, the purchase cost him then only 12 thousand dollars.

No one suspected that he would soon manage not only to restore the dilapidated building, but also to gain fame for himself throughout the Internet.

When the man behind the pseudonym The Homestead Craftsman bought this house, it was just very small.

According to this video, the area of ​​​​the new purchase was only 53 square meters.The walls of this mini-house were made of cinder blocks, and there was a small wooden porch in front of the door.

In addition, several windows required replacement, so there was no end to the work from the very beginning.

Luckily, Craftsman had a good plan. So he set to work, intending to bring a few of his ideas to life and thereby turn the purchase into the perfect home.

After the completion of the reconstruction and repair, he planned to start renting the house to the tenants in order to return the money invested.

That’s how Craftsman makes a living — he buys houses, renovates them, and then either sells or rents them out.

This time he got rid of all the carpets first. He also did not like the plasterboard partitions, so he soon managed to remove them, and at the

same time also remove the yellowed wallpaper and clean the walls. After that it was the turn of the kitchen.

A lot of work had to be done on the kitchen, but Craftsman is not afraid of work he soon removed from it everything that seemed superfluous to him.

Having finished with the kitchen, he set to work on the roof as a result, a small chimney disappeared from it.

At that moment, it was already clear to an outside observer that the house was awaiting major

repairs and reconstruction, and only one thing remained unknown — how it would look after it.
Finally, Craftsman set to work on the floor, pounded

it with a sledgehammer, and then proceeded to the actual restoration, which was now unimpeded.

The wooden porch also did not survive the repair. Having finished with the demolition, the first thing

he did was to close all the cinder blocks that had previously been the facade of the building.
The porch had to be completely rebuilt, making it bigger and more beautiful.

With that done, Craftsman set to work renovating the dilapidated roof, and then set to work building a modest rear porch that adorned the patio.

The lion’s share of the work was waiting for a new owner inside the house, where everything was almost completely destroyed.

However, he spared no time and effort to repair. Therefore, soon a vinyl floor appeared in the house, which completely transformed the interior of the once dilapidated room.

Then it was time for the bathroom, where Craftsman installed a tub and shower. After that, he worked on the kitchen,

which resulted in a dishwasher, a long black granite counter and a lot of free space.In addition, the windows there were now covered with wireless curtains safe for children.

In total, the reconstruction took about two years, but the efforts were in vain. After the completion of the renovation, the house was ideal for a small family.

Seeing the result of his work, Craftsman’s friends at first did not even believe their eyes. In fact, he did it all alone, without outside help.

It is hard to believe that an ordinary person who was not too lazy to make an unusual amount of effort could achieve all this!

Luckily, Craftsman captured the entire process of transforming a dilapidated structure into the perfect home on video.

And soon a channel called Homemade Home appeared on YouTube, which managed to quickly achieve huge popularity.

Now this video has already managed to collect more than 11 million views and 20 thousand comments, and 300 thousand users liked it.

Many appreciated the efforts and hard work of Craftsman, thanks to which they managed to turn a dilapidated building into an ideal home.

Some viewers even joke that they often lack motivation for much simpler projects at home. One of

them commented on Craftsman’s project: ‘By the way, it’s time to tighten the leg of the chair, otherwise it staggers.’

Surprisingly, it is a fact that the renovated house did not pass the first examination to control compliance with norms in housing construction.

This disappointing news confused many Craftsman fans. However, he himself managed not to lose his presence of mind, and soon all the shortcomings discovered were already corrected.

The inspector who conducted the inspection reported that it was enough to simply replace all the sockets with other models with a protective cap.

In addition, it was also necessary to remove the lighting in the closet in the bedroom. After that, the house successfully passed the re-examination.

In 2019, the owner advertised for the first time a renovated house for rent — for $600 a month. He managed to find those wishing to move into this pretty house in just

two days, which he mentioned in this video. Craftsman claims that in total he spent only $30,000 on the purchase and renovation of the house.

This is hard for many to believe, especially given how bad it was and how good it looks now.

Although he now has tenants in the house, it will take Craftsman a few more years to recoup all the costs of the project

especially with taxes and insurance.Despite the small size, the house looks just great.Some would even say that it is perfect in every way there are people who like small houses.

By the way, despite the small size, the bedroom in it is quite large 3.5 by 4 meters.That’s even more than Craftsman’s own home!

The man hiding under the pseudonym Craftsman has become a real Internet sensation, because he managed to bring to life what most can only dream of.

He purchased a dilapidated structure for just $12,000 and then turned it into a near-perfect home that would appeal to potential tenants.

It took him two whole years to work on the project, but the results of his work are amazing especially considering that he did it all himself.

In May 2020, Craftsman posted another video in which he showed what the house looks like now, after the first tenants.

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