Eddie could tell that his daughter wanted to help. She looked up at her father after being given a plate of delicious steak and potatoes and asked him a simple question. “Can I just give him some?” asked the 8-year-old. Eddie told her that she should share the meal. In the video he posted in 2016, the little girl was happy to help the man and took it outside to give it to him.

The man, whose name was later found to be David Salkowski, looked shocked by her action. He took the meal, and Ella was all smiles when she got back to the restaurant. “Ella has always had a big heart,” said her father.

The video was quickly watched by millions of people, who praised both the child and her father. One person said, “You’re a great little girl, and I’m proud of you!” Another person said, “Good job, parents. You guys are something to look up to.”

Eddie was stunned that his clip garnered such an overwhelming response. He stated: “It’s unbelievable that what Ella did has touched so many people.” They are glad that the meeting made people happy and showed them how powerful a simple act of kindness can be.

A server at the restaurant said that Salkowski had returned the plate and said how grateful he was. After the video went viral, Ella and Eddie got a call they didn’t expect. A teary-eyed woman reached out to them. It was Roseanne, Salkowski’s sister. She said that her brother was a veteran with PTSD. She knew he was still alive because of the video, and the Scotts hoped their clip would help the two find each other.

In 2015, another young person helped a homeless man, and she made a big difference in his life. A man was about to kill himself, but a kind person from Guilford, Connecticut bought him coffee and a bagel as a small act of kindness. After helping a homeless man, Casey Fischer talked with him for a while. When he left, he gave her a note. He told her that he was going to kill himself, but her action gave him hope for the future.

Fischer and Ella were both kind and caring, and what they did made a difference. They showed that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can always help out.

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