One of the things that people around the world try to do is show honor to those who have been kind to them in some way or another. This is often our parents, and one woman has decided to take this honoring in a very special way.

Jennifer Rocha is accustomed to hard work. Her parents were migrant workers in Mexico who eventually immigrated to the United States. Although her parents never had the opportunity to go to college, they wanted to give Jennifer that opportunity.

Jennifer said: “My parents told me I needed to try working as a migrant field worker to really understand why pursuing higher education was so important.”

After she would get off school, she would go out to the field and work with her family. They would work until late at night and only sleep a few hours per day. It was exhausting, but Jennifer learned how to respect those who regularly do manual work.

She knows that people will go to the grocery store to pick up their food and overlook the hard work that is responsible for getting the food to them. Some farmers will sacrifice their health and work through challenging conditions, just to get the fruits and vegetables into the stores.

When Jennifer was in college, her family couldn’t afford her dorm, so she had to work two jobs, commute a long distance, and work in the fields while still attending school. She said that there were times when she wanted to give up, but she leaned on her parent’s support and advice for motivation.

That is when she decided to take a special photo shoot for her graduation. It was to honor her parents, as each snapshot captures the strength that her parents gave to her through this difficult time in her life.

Jennifer is quite an inspiration, and we wish her and her family the best in life.

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