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In a surprising turn of events, reported that Lizzo has been axed from the potential lineup for The Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.


Photo Credit: Today/Youtube

Photo Credit: Today/Youtube

Insiders from the National Football League (NFL) disclosed that recent allegations of sexual harassment and body-shaming have led to this abrupt decision.

A confidential source from within the NFL stated, “The notion of Lizzo being part of the Halftime festivities or performing the National Anthem is a non-starter due to the ongoing scandal,” as reported by

While the official roster of performers is kept under wraps, betting odds from currently favor artists like Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, and Bad Bunny as potential headliners for the February 2024 spectacle.

Photo Credit: NFL

Photo Credit: NFL

Lizzo, at the age of 35, finds herself engulfed in controversy following accusations of body shaming and sexual harassment during her recent tour, “The Special Tour,” raised by several backup dancers. Allegations in the lawsuit suggest that Lizzo orchestrated uncomfortable sexual scenarios, including instances where tour cast members were coerced into consuming bananas presented in explicit ways and touching nude performers.

Taking to Instagram to address the issue, Lizzo asserted, “There is nothing I take more seriously than the respect we deserve as women in the world.” She rejected the victim or villain narrative, emphasizing her openness about sexuality and self-expression while refusing to let her actions be misconstrued.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

A source within Lizzo’s circle, characterizing her career as a “sinking ship,” informed that the star is rapidly exhausting her options.

“With an increasing number of individuals coming forward with accusations of extremely inappropriate acts, Lizzo, despite her considerable earnings, appears to be running out of time, and it remains uncertain if she can recover from this,” commented the source. The insider highlighted the challenges Lizzo faces, where speaking out results in her statements being criticized, and staying silent leads to accusations of cowardice. At this juncture, the outlook for recovery seems bleak.

Photo Credit: Today/Youtube

Photo Credit: Today/Youtube

This recent development raises questions about the trajectory of Lizzo’s career and the potential impact of ongoing controversies on her professional opportunities. Being dropped from consideration for a major event like The Super Bowl Halftime Show underscores the potential ramifications of such scandals on an artist’s standing in the industry. As the fallout continues, Lizzo navigates a critical juncture in her career, grappling with the weight of public opinion and the uncertain future that lies ahead.








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