Melania Trump’s absence from her husband Donald Trump’s campaign trail has raised eyebrows in recent weeks. While some have attributed her absence to prioritizing her son Barron, this time, it’s due to her devotion to being a daughter.

During a heartfelt New Year’s Eve event, Donald Trump made a touching announcement to shed light on Melania’s absence. The former president revealed that Melania’s mother, Amalija, is facing a serious illness.

Melania has chosen to spend time at the hospital, supporting her mother during this challenging time. Donald Trump praised Melania as a beloved First Lady, admired by the people, and expressed hope for her mother’s recovery.

Living a private life away from the cameras, Melania has always valued her family’s privacy. Despite her status as a former First Lady and the potential to reclaim that role in the future, Melania prefers to focus on her loved ones.

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