It’s always sad when we hear about someone we know getting sick and cancer is something that touches the lives of far too many people. Sometimes, it’s not somebody that we know personally but rather, it’s a celebrity that we may follow regularly.

Shannon Doherty is one of those individuals and she has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Rather than retreating into her own life and privacy, she decided to share her journey along the way with as many people as possible.

Doherty recently said that she didn’t want a lot of sadness and mourning to surround her death. Rather, she wanted it to be a celebration of life for those who came together.

She said: “I don’t want people to be crying or people to want people to privately [be] like thank God that they’re just dead now.”

She also said that she preferred cremation but had not yet thought of where she wanted her ashes to reside. Although she admits that it is a morbid topic, she sometimes says that she would like mixed with her dog and with her dad.

The first time that Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer was 2015. She had a vasectomy and went through various procedures and then went into remission. In 2019, the cancer returned.

She said that she now has stage IV cancer and it has metastasized. She speaks openly about her journey and tries to raise awareness of the subject of cancer. She still wants to live, and she knows that she has a lot to give to others.

The problem is, that as of June 2023, she said that the cancer had spread to her brain and into her bones. She still tries to live as normally as she can but she knows that the end is approaching.

We hope that she is able to hang on and enjoy life in the best way she possibly can.

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