Radio reporter Charles Osgood untieing bow tie at CBS Radio Studios. (Photo by Mario Ruiz/Getty Images)

Charles Osgood, the award-winning journalist who anchored CBS Sunday Morning for more than two decades and was the host of the radio program “The Osgood File,” has died. He was 91.

He died Tuesday, as a result of dementia, at his home in New Jersey, according to his family.

The five-time Emmy Award winning journalist took over CBS Sunday Morning in 1994 after Charles Kuralt retired. At the time it seemed like it was an impossible task to follow Kuralt, but Osgood immediately became a favorite among viewers.

He was known for his signature bow tie and his use of poetry which earned him the unofficial title, poet-in-residence.

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In addition to hosting CBS Sunday Morning for 22 years, Osgood hosted the popular radio program, “The Osgood File” for 46 years before retiring from journalism altogether in 2016.

“To say there’s no one like Charles Osgood is an understatement,” Rand Morrison, executive producer of Sunday Morning, said in a statement. “He embodied the heart and soul of Sunday Morning. … At the piano, Charlie put our lives to music. Truly, he was one of a kind — in every sense.”

Rest in peace, Charles, and thank you for all the years you dedicated to telling people’s stories.

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