There is a problem on the road that most people realize yet it seems as if nobody is talking about it. When they did a survey, however, they found out that most drivers feel that LED headlights are too bright.

You may hear people complaining about this in more of a casual setting. There is no doubt that headlight glare is becoming a big problem, and 85% of those who were surveyed thought that the glare was getting worse.

Perhaps an even more startling statistic was that 89% said that LED headlights were too bright. These headlights are being used more and more often, especially on new cars as they are replacing halogen bulbs.

The driver of the car may be getting a better view because of the focused beam of LED bulbs. If you happen to be coming the other way or have one of these cars behind you, however, it is going to affect your driving ability in some way or another.

RAC commissioned the study and it found that two-thirds of those who were on the road said that they were forced to slow down because of the brightness of headlights. They feel that LED headlights are so bright that accidents are being caused.

Whether you have these headlights on your vehicle or not is a personal decision. As of right now, there is no law stating that they should not be used.

As more and more people continue to complain about the problem, however, there may be something that has to be done about it. How this will affect those who already have LED headlights remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to watch.


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