One of the things that many of us appreciate doing is going to a baseball game. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable day and one that rarely ever sees problems beyond something minor.

On occasion, however, even a nice day at the ballpark can turn potentially deadly. Nobody knows this better than Shaun Cunningham, a father who was with his child at a baseball game between the Braves and the Pirates.

During the game, something unexpected happened but it seemed as if he was on high alert, even if he was relaxing and enjoying the game. A baseball bat had slipped out of the batter’s hands and was flying into the stands.

This father knew that he needed to do something but he didn’t have an opportunity to really think things through. Rather than sitting and watching everything unfold in front of him, he took action out of instinct and allowed his daddy superpowers to shine through.

You see, the baseball bat was heading right for his son’s face. It was certain to be a disastrous issue, but it only took a moment for him to react and when he did so, he showed the world just how much a father can do for their child.

His son, Landon, was only 8 years old and he was enjoying watching his favorite team play. He was busy taking pictures and paying attention to everything going on in the stands and the playing field and he didn’t notice the baseball bat heading in his direction.

His father said he didn’t have a lot of time to think but once he realized the bat was heading toward his son, he just did what he could to block and deflect it.

As you watch the video, it’s interesting to see how most people in the stands are jumping out of the way and doing everything they can to avoid getting injured by the rogue bat. The father, however, took the opportunity to show just what dads can do.

As far as Landon was concerned, he was excited that his very first baseball game was amazing. I’m sure that it is something that he and the entire internet will remember for years to come.

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