There are many people who are considered influencers and they do what they can in order to influence others, as that name would suggest. Sometimes, they are successful in doing so and they may get millions of followers on social media.

Mila De Jesus was one of those influencers, and she got famous after she went through a weight loss transformation. She was born in Brazil, and people around the world followed her because of her amazing story.

Unfortunately, she has passed away at the age of 35. Although there is not a lot of information that is out about her death, it is thought that it is due to cardiac arrest.

The Brazilian-born Instagram influencer had eventually moved to Boston and four months after she got married to her husband, George Kowszik, she passed away.

She had also reported that she was suffering from psoriasis, a type of skin disease that can cause a lot of discomfort and a rash. She said: “It’s been three months dealing with this situation, 80% of my body is affected.”

Six years before, she had gone through weight loss surgery and posted pictures of herself both before and after the procedures.

Many of the followers and friends who follow her on Instagram were devastated over losing her and many sent their condolences on that social media platform.

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