When you are a news reporter out working in the field, you never know what you are going to run into from one day to the next. What may start out as a perfectly normal day can quickly turn into one of the strangest days of your life.

One news reporter experienced this in Utah County when she was in the field covering the flood that had caused damage. As she was casually talking about what took place, she mentioned that there was a dog strolling by.

As the camera panned out to see the animal she thought was a dog, it became obvious that it was no canine. In fact, it was a mountain lion.

The reporter said: “I think it’s a dog, I’m not sure.” She continued to cover the story and the wild animal walked right by her within a matter of inches, but it didn’t turn out badly for her.

Perhaps because she didn’t know that any danger existed, she simply allowed the animal to walk by. It seems as if there wasn’t a lot of anxiety associated with it, so the mountain lion just past her and walked into the woods behind her.


This is one of those moments in time that is going to be remembered by everyone involved. Even one of the fellow newscasters working in the station encouraged her to leave the area.

“Morgan, I hope that’s a dog too,” said this woman’s colleague about the mountain lion. “If not, go get in the truck. He’s freaking out. He doesn’t think it’s a dog.”

The video has gone viral, and people can’t believe what they are seeing. They agree that the fact that the reporter didn’t panic probably saved her life.


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