Science often confirms our preconceptions, but it also occasionally presents us with startling new information.

According to a few recent scientific studies, a 43-year-old model could possess the “ideal body.”

Her arrival, however, surprised everyone. To learn more about her, keep reading!

The conventional wisdom for a long time was that the ideal female body type is extremely thin, akin to that of a fashion model.

That being said, be ready to have your mind blown.

Beauty standards are always changing. The standard of beauty has shifted from Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous shape to Kate Moss’s thin figure.

Women with hourglass bodies are typically adored as a result of this ideal.

However, a recent Texas University research casts doubt on this widely accepted notion.

The results show that women favor “fuller” and “curvier” physical shapes.

With a breast measurement of 93 centimeters, a waist measurement of 61 centimeters, and hip measurements of 87 centimeters, the ideal body mass index is 18.85.

A healthy hip-to-waist ratio is between.65 and.75, said the study.

These features are almost a perfect fit for the Kelly Brook model, which is British.

Although she may be viewed as “plump” by society’s standards of beauty, study indicates that males find her form to be very appealing.

However, appearance is ultimately a subjective concept. People have different tastes in art and have different ideas about what is attractive.

The scientifically optimal body type may have been identified by this study, but it doesn’t make the less perfect forms unattractive or undesirable.

This study just shows that there is disagreement among scientists on the conventional definition of feminine beauty, which is thinness.

Realizing that this study shows the variation in what we find appealing is especially important given how important it is to value diversity in the modern world.

The standards of the modeling industry state that plus-size women are just as beautiful as regular models.

Models such as Ashley Graham have demonstrated this for a considerable amount of time.

Do you concur that changing society standards of beauty is necessary based on the study’s findings?

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