Christina Applegate has certainly had her fair share of problems over the years. She was at the top of the world several decades ago but today, she is struggling with her health.

In 2021, things really turned around for Applegate when she received a diagnosis that brought her career to a halt. She started to experience some unusual symptoms including falling down, needing a wheelchair, and having numbness in her feet.

In August 2021, she received the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. It’s a disease that impacts the nervous system, including the spinal cord and brain. She decided that her Hollywood career would have to come to an end.


Last year at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she said that it could be the last time she was at the ceremony. Now that 2024 is here, she surprised many when she showed up for the Emmy Awards.

A video captured the moment that she came out on the stage and the crowd is very welcoming. She gets emotional and breaks down crying but then went on to show her humor as well.

“We don’t have to applaud every time I do something.”

She went on to say: “I can’t even imagine going to set right now. This is a progressive disease. I don’t know if I’m going to get worse. I can do voiceover stuff because I have to support my family and keep my brain working.”

We wish her many more years of success. It’s obvious that her fans love her.

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