Andrew, haunted by a teenage mistake, faces a reckoning when his adopted daughter, Louise, discovers a long-hidden secret. As Louise uncovers medical records, Andrew, fearing the exposure of his deception, tries to suppress the truth about his wife Nina’s infertility.

Under pressure, Andrew decides to confess, unveiling a regretful tale from 40 years ago. A reckless night with Nina led to an unwanted pregnancy. Andrew’s gynecologist mother intervened, providing abortion-inducing pills to Nina. Guilt-ridden, Andrew later discovers that the pills caused Nina’s infertility.

Desperate to protect Nina, Andrew takes blame for their infertility, lying to her for years. Unbeknownst to Nina, he even sabotages fertility treatments. The truth unravels when Nina desires in vitro fertilization, pushing Andrew to suggest adoption instead.

The emotional revelation leaves Louise grappling with her father’s selfish decisions. Andrew, aware of his shortcomings, justifies his actions as an attempt to spare Nina heartbreak.

In the end, Louise, angry and disillusioned, breaks her silence, expressing her disdain for the lies and deceit. As they leave Andrew’s mother’s home, Louise, symbolically smashing a framed diploma, declares her desire to sever ties with a past built on deception.

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