Have you ever noticed how there are certain movies that just seem to have a positive impact on our lives? These are the feel-good movies that may not have the deepest plot but they make us feel better when we see them at the theater. Some of these movies have become iconic and that is the case with Footloose. It may have been a part of the 1980s culture but it still has us dancing down to this day.

When Kevin Bacon starred in Footloose, he couldn’t have imagined that he would have such an impact on society. When was the last time that you heard the song? The title track of that movie is something that makes us want to dance or at the very least, to tap our feet along with the music. As it turns out, it is also something that can have an impact on us whenever it is put to a routine on ice as well.

When this man took to the ice and began his routine, not many people in the audience probably knew what they were about to witness. By the time his performance was over, however, the audience was electrified by all the feel-good energy that was coming from the floor in front of them. This skater named Ryan Bradley, not only put on a good show but he threw in a few tricks that left everyone in awe.

Ryan was on the ice during the Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love ice show. When he came out on the ice, he was wearing some blue jeans and a sweatshirt and honestly, he didn’t look much like he was ready to skate, let alone to put on a stellar performance. When the song, Footloose began pumping through the speakers, however, he truly came alive.

You can watch the awesome routine in this video. You are sure to love every moment of it:

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