One of the best days we will have in our life is the day we get married. It also happens to be one of the most stressful days, as we are hoping for the best and do our best to plan for the worst.

Sometimes, the stress that we experience may make us make decisions that are not always the most popular among the guests. This includes what a 20-year-old bride decided to do because she is vegan.

Since she is vegan, she wanted to have an all-vegan wedding. She made the decision to un-invite all of the guests who ate meat. She even posted about this in the Vegan Revolution Facebook group, saying that she didn’t want ‘murderers’ to come to her wedding.

In the post, she said: “When ‘family’ tries to guilt trip you into letting them come to your fully vegan wedding, even though they are omnivores.” She added, “Just for some context, some family members were told they are not invited to my wedding because we don’t want to host murderers at our wedding which is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives.”

She also said that she has been criticized and ‘constantly attacked’ just because she is vegan. She then got attacked when she broke the news to them all because she didn’t want people at her wedding who kill animals.

You can see one of the guests that she uninvited in this now viral TikTok video:


The vegan bride also went on to say that any guests who came to her wedding had to commit to a permanent vegan lifestyle. She didn’t want those who would just be vegan for the day because they would go back to eating meat the next day.

Many people commented on the post, most of which said that she was in the wrong for trying to force and blackmail the family into being vegan. In the words of one of the comments, ‘Banning non-vegans is insane.’

She followed up on her comments eventually but it seemed as if she was just digging a deeper hole. Undoubtedly, this was an extreme example of someone who is typically called a bridezilla and she wasn’t making many fans.

Some of the people who were undivided from the wedding spoke up, including the video from someone we shared above. They were saying that they wished she wouldn’t have invited them in the first place rather than having them buy their dresses and pay to attend something that they would be banned from.

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