One of the world’s most tattooed women has admitted that her choice to get her body inked has limited her job opportunities. In fact, she cannot find a job. However, the 46 year old who already has seven children, told interviewers that she was trying to have her eighth child.

Melissa Sloan, who lives in Britain, admits she hasn’t worked in quite some time, “I’m not proud of saying it, but I haven’t worked for 20 years.”

Despite this, she is trying to have her eighth child with her partner, Luke.

“I’m trying for another baby. I told the nurse this the other day and she was shocked, her eyes popped out!”

Melissa says that the impetus for having another child is the pressure she is feeling from her seven children who want another baby in the house.

What do you think of Melissa’s situation? What advice would you give her?

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