When most of us think about Reese Witherspoon, we automatically think about some of the movies she has played in. In reality, she is more than just a celebrity, she is also someone who has the ability to teach us a trick or two when it comes to recipes.

In a recent video she shared on social media, she created a concoction that she called ‘Snow Salt Chococinno.’ She posted a video on TikTok and the Frosty snack may have looked delicious, but not all the commoners were on board with the recipe.

It was a relatively simple recipe that started by scooping two cup fulls of freshly fallen snow off the roof of her car. Not long after she posted a video, many people were expressing their shock over the fact that she had eaten potentially contaminated snow from her vehicle.

Despite the fact that people were not very happy with what she had done, she still stood strong and is even looking forward to her next opportunity to make this concoction again.


She created this recipe on January 18 and she went on TikTok to share the creation with the world. She said: “We got a ton of snow over the past few days, so we decided to make the recipe.” She then went on to give the recipe to the world.

The first thing Weatherspoon did was to scoop some fresh snow into a couple of mugs using her bare hands. The snow was packed tightly into the mugs and then she drizzled chocolate syrup and salted caramel syrup onto the powder.

She said: “We like how they taste together.” She then called it a yummy coffee flavor when she added some cold brew.

It wasn’t long before Weatherspoon was eating a big spoonful of the snow and said: “Oh my gosh, that’s so good!” That is when she also named the concoction and encouraged others to give it a try.

When the comments started rolling in, it was easy to see that not everybody was on board with what she had to make. People were saying she was eating pollution and others were asking if she knew how much bacteria was in the snow.

Somebody even mentioned that it was possible a bird could’ve pooped in the ice pile and she simply scooped it into the cup. Legitimate, but I’m not quite sure how far we can take it.

Rather than back away from the comments, Weatherspoon decided to defend her snack. She said it was delicious and so good!

You can see more in this video:

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