If there is one thing we have plenty of in this world, it is opinions. Of course, everybody is entitled to have an opinion and they can even share it with others, but that doesn’t mean that people are always going to agree with what you have to say.

One man who is finding this out all too well is Jared Sayre. He posts videos on TikTok, but one of his latest videos is sparking outrage among stay-at-home mothers and many others around the world. His opinion was that being a stay-at-home mother isn’t a real job.

In the video, he does admit that mothers who stay home with their children are doing some work. His argument is that it isn’t a real job, like going out and working a 9-to-5 job.

He said: “Do you know how many single mothers are out there that have jobs and have to come home and do your job?”

He went on to say that staying at home with your kids is not work, it is a privilege. He feels that it is the easy option, but not everyone agrees.

Part of his argument comes from the fact that he was fired a few months ago. He said that not having a job and staying at home is similar to being a stay-at-home mother.

I think that many mothers would argue that it is a difficult task, and it is a job that doesn’t have the same paid benefits as a 9-to-5 job.


Jared went on to give his argument, saying: “You can’t take a nap at a full-time job, you can’t watch TV at a full-time job. You have someone watching your every move at a full-time job demanding that you do what they say.”

Even though he was tugging the chain of many stay-at-home mothers, he did say that he respects them. He also said that we need more stay-at-home moms because it is good for the children.

I think this is an argument that is going to continue to be debated. There are going to be many people who switch sides, but it sure is going to prompt a lot of rage.

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