Music is something that most people appreciate but not everybody has the ability to make music that others will love. Sometimes, however, we may see someone come along that really takes us by surprise with their musical talents and sometimes, it might even run in the family.

A family of musical talent is what we see in the video below that was posted on YouTube. It is a brother and sister who have the ability to sing beautifully, and they are coming together to perform a duet that is going viral for all the right reasons.

The song that the brother and sister decided to sing together is The Prayer. It was originally performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, and you would think that would be a tough act to follow. Not many people could pull it off, but this pair seems to have done it wonderfully.

One of the reasons why this song is so challenging for many is because it is sung in two different languages. Some of it is performed in English and the other part is in Italian. They have no problem stepping up and getting that job done.

It isn’t often that we see someone come along who can entertain us and to give us goosebumps and quite the way that this brother and sister do what can do. As you listen to them singing The Prayer, you may find yourselves thankful that you found the video.

You can listen to them singing and watch them in this video:

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