Country music star Keith Urban, 55, faced a traumatic childhood growing up with an alcoholic father, which left a void of intimacy and affirmation. In an interview, Urban revealed his father’s physical disciplinarian approach and the absence of expressions of love during his childhood. Despite his challenging upbringing, Urban is now a successful musician, devoted husband to actress Nicole Kidman, and a loving father to their two daughters, Sunday and Faith.

Reflecting on his childhood, Urban expressed a desire for a more intimate family life. His commitment to breaking the pattern is evident in his attentive and affectionate parenting. Urban and Kidman, married for 17 years, prioritize shielding their daughters from the limelight, aiming for a normal and private family life. Urban appreciates the learning curve of being a girl-dad and acknowledges his daughters as his inspiration.

Despite the challenges, Urban recognizes his parents’ efforts and resilience, admiring their achievements in starting a new life in a foreign country. The artist has come a long way from his difficult childhood, now enjoying a fulfilling life with his family in Nashville.

In summary, Keith Urban overcame a traumatic childhood, becoming a successful musician, devoted husband, and loving father, breaking the cycle of his father’s alcoholism and creating a nurturing family environment.

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