When Carol Howarth of Haverfordwest, UK, parked her car one day to go shopping, she came back to find that her car had been attacked by hundreds of strangers.

On the rear of her vehicle was a full swarm.

Tom Moses, a local, was shocked to see the scene:

“It really was a show. As I arrived, I noticed that a large group of photographers were next to the car. I had some concerns.”

I was worried that someone would do something dumb, like throw boiling water on them, because the automobile was directly in front of a bar.

Everything may go horribly wrong. Tom then picked up the phone and dialed the bee site’s inhabitants. They finally succeeded in fitting them all inside a box.

The bees followed Carol home the next day, so Carol will only use her automobile for a short while. Her opportunity to contact the beekeepers was now.

Roger Burns, one of them, remarked: “We believe the queen was drawn to something in the automobile, possibly something sweet.

She was then impaled somewhere within the car’s plastic. Over 2,000 bees followed her and congregated on the car in a swarm.

The queen was eventually set free by the beekeepers, after which she went back to her hive.

The beekeepers claim that bees naturally follow their queen, but they find it odd that they did so for two days in a row. That’s how loyal bees are!

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