As we move our way through life, we often discover that there is more to our lives than what we realize. Sometimes, we may even get a shocking revelation of something that we never could’ve expected.

This happened to a teenager named Julian Hernandez. He was five years old when he disappeared from Alabama and most people thought that his father, Bobby Hernandez, was behind it. He had disappeared at the same time and abducted Julian as a non-custodial parental abduction.

A lot of effort went into trying to find the little boy, who was so young at the time, but the case was eventually moved to a cold case file. 13 years later, however, something would show up and Julian would learn who he was.

Julian Hernandez was living in Cleveland, Ohio, and was found safe and sound at the age of 18. He was trying to apply for college and found out that his Social Security number did not match his name.

When they looked into it, they found out that he was actually in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Database. We can only imagine how shocking this must’ve been for him.

A number of departments were involved in the case and after doing their investigations, they confirmed that it was, indeed, Julian Hernandez. Meanwhile, his father, Bobby, was arrested and charged with records tampering and interfering with a custody order. If found guilty, he could spend 10 years in jail.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family had waited for a very long time and were happy that it had finally come to a conclusion. They said: “Our family was overjoyed this week to locate Julian and learn that he is safe. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support during Julian’s disappearance.”

You can see more about the story in this video:

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