If there is one topic that seems to get more attention than any other on social media, it’s the subject of tipping. It is different in different places, but many in the United States are familiar with the process and many will do what they can to leave a generous tip.

There are also others who feel that the tipping culture has gone too far and that those working in the industry don’t deserve to get tipped because they should be getting paid by their employer. There is very little that helps to change people’s minds in this debate but it is one that is fiercely debated on both sides.

What many people don’t know is that 90% of those who visit full-service restaurants leave a tip and the average tip is just under 20%. In the United States, the average person is also asked to leave a tip up to five times a week, which can be hard on the pockets.

That is where the man comes in who uploaded a TikTok video that is getting a lot of attention. His name is Dustin Anderson, and the now viral video shows him saying that he is no longer tipping.


He continues his rant, saying: “It used to be you give a tip if somebody gave exceptional service. When’s the last time you’ve had exceptional service? It’s just expected. They bring you a bill at the end and they’re like, ‘Here, just fill this out, ‘20 percent, 25 percent’ like, no, you did your job!

“They made food and you carried it to my table. You got me a Diet Coke, thank you. That’s doing your job. You don’t get 25 percent because you did your job.”

“And I’m not the bad guy here. I’m not. If you own a restaurant, just tell me what it costs. I don’t want people to go hungry. What does it cost for me to get my food and also so that the waitstaff doesn’t have to join the cartel, do some Lord of the Flies, Oliver Twist stuff? I want people to be taken care of. Just tell me what it costs.”

Dustin isn’t alone in his feelings on the subject and I think most people would be happy to pay more just to know that the waitstaff is being cared for properly by their employer. At this point, however, tipping is all that helps them to stay above poverty level.

One commenter said that he is done tipping and that he doesn’t get tips for being an emergency room nurse and saving a life.

Another said that they would do well to adopt the European model and pay for the work. Tipping is still accepted, but only for exceptional service and it certainly is not expected.

I guess this debate will just continue to roll on.

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