What comes to your mind when you think about Christmas? Like many people, you probably think about the traditions that we enjoy every year, including watching movies.

One of the movies that we may appreciate watching is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There are different options available, but Jim Carrey provides one that is absolutely brilliant.

In that movie, we can remember the younger Jim Carrey who was played by actor, Josh Ryan Evans. We appreciate all that he brought to the screen but unfortunately, that actor has passed away and there is something strange about his death.

Josh Ryan Evans was born with a form of dwarfism. He was 3’2″ tall and known especially for his performance as the Young Grinch in the 2000 film. He had a number of health challenges, including heart problems that resulted in numerous childhood surgeries.

When he was 12, he would work on a number of projects and even did some voiceover work for Nickelodeon.

When he played the young Grinch, he had to spend over five hours every day in the makeup chair. Ron Howard, the director, said that he brought an unexpected depth to that particular character, showing genuine emotion for the entire story.

After that, he became known as the character of Timmy Lennox, in the soap opera Passions. He won a number of awards, including Best Young Actor in a Daytime TV Series.

Unfortunately, he died in 2002 at the height of his career. He was only 20 years old at the time and passed away due to complications associated with his heart condition as he was going through a medical procedure.

On the same day, the character he played on Passions, Timmy Lennox, also died. The strange thing was, it had been taped weeks before and they were planning on having him come back later in the series.

The station did express their sorrow at the time saying that they were saddened by the sudden tragic loss of Evans. They called him a unique talent with a remarkable spirit.

Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction, and I think this is one of those times. It’s interesting that his death in real life and the death on screen would occur on the same day.

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